Business Ready

As business owners ourselves, we understand all of your business needs. We provide major benefits to business owners: state-of-the-art security, 24/7 access, and radiant in-floor heating, to name a few.

Business Ready

Packages & Palettes Accepted

You can have your small and large shipments delivered straight to Glacier West Garage Plus Storage. We will sign for the small packages, and hold them in our office until you can pick them up. In the case of large freight deliveries, we will facilitate the delivery of palettes right to your Storage Business Unit.

High Ceilings

With a few rare exceptions, the ceiling height is 17’ when you step into the unit and climbs to a peak of 20’. 

Less Risk Of Fire and Mildew

Each of our units have a separate sprinkler system. Unlike typical storage facilities, the guy next door can’t trigger the fire sprinkler in your unit. By keeping the moisture out of your unit and applying even, dry heat from the radiant in-floor heating, your unit should be secure from the risk of mildew.

The Perfect Solution For Service Industries

We have wide driving aisles, 17 – 20 foot ceilings, and our largest unit is 18’x55’. You can store equipment, construction supplies, company vehicles; you name it, we can store it.

Cost-Effective Retail Inventory Storage

Per square foot, storing your inventory at Glacier West Garage Plus Storage is probably more cost effective than storing it at your home office or retail space.

Document Archive Storage

Storing your archives, files, and office supplies off-site can help you utilize your office space more efficiently. To make the most of your Garage Plus Business Unit, we can provide you with racks and shelves to make storage easier for you. With radiant in-floor heating, you don’t have to risk your documents being affected by moisture or mildew.

To lease a Glacier West Garage Plus unit visit us in the front office. To reach us by telephone give us a call at (253) 331-2337 or by email at